Client Rights & Responsibilities

Thresholds Homes and Supports cares about and has respect for each individual’s experience within the programs and services offered by our organization.

As a person receiving services from Thresholds, you have the right to:

  • Receive high-quality service
  • Be treated with respect and courtesy.
  • Have your information kept private and confidential, except as described in the Thresholds Privacy Policy.
  • Understand your personal health information and privacy
  • Be listened to and have staff work with you to make a plan to address your concerns and needs.
  • Get information and support to help you make decisions to improve your situation.
  • Be served without discrimination.
  • Discuss your service with staff to identify if it is working for you and express any questions or complaints that you may have.
  • Request to change your primary staff member will be considered if your request is reasonable. Discriminatory requests will not be considered.

What We Ask from You

Thresholds is committed to the safety and security of its employees, people supported, volunteers, and visitors. All individuals, including people receiving support and/or housing services from Thresholds Homes and Supports are expected to treat our employees with respect and dignity. Thresholds Homes and Supports strictly forbids discrimination or harassment of any kind. Individuals who demonstrate violence or harassment may be discharged from services.

The following is a list of behaviors that will not be tolerated:

  • Physical violence
  • Verbal abuse
  • Profanity
  • Any form of harassment
  • Intimidation tactics and/or making threats
  • Malicious or harmful statements about others
  • Sharing of another’s private health or personal information
  • Possession of dangerous or unauthorized material
  • Solicitation, purchase, or selling of illegal substances on Thresholds property

Privacy Officer Contact

For further information about Thresholds’ compliance with the Health Privacy Policy and related procedures, please contact the Privacy Officer at 519-742-3191 or by email at