Housing Support Services


All individuals housed by Thresholds Homes and Supports receive a range of ongoing support services that respond to their individual needs. Our staff including community support coordinators, practical support workers, and nurses assist individuals in their recovery. The focus is on strengths and includes goals such as improving financial planning and physical health, as well as expanding social networks and participating in community activities.


An indication of health and well-being for individuals is a reduction in hospitalizations. Over the past 10 years, there has been a decline in the number of our consumers requiring hospitalization. Although many factors in an individual’s life may contribute to this decline over time, individuals in housing support experience a significant decrease in hospitalizations.



Resident Council


The Resident Council welcomes the involvement of any individual who receives housing and/or support services from Thresholds Homes and Supports Inc. This group meets monthly to socialize and plan special events and activities. Events include the annual summer picnic, the Christmas party (attended by consumers, family, friends, staff and Board Members), talent show, craft afternoons, bingo, bus trips and game days.


Resident Council also oversees a "Loan Fund" which provides interest free emergency loans to people supported by the Agency. The Loan Fund originated from SEED money donated by individuals and families for this purpose. If you are supported by the Agency and need financial assistance in an emergency situation, contact the Loan Fund Coordinator by emailing info@thresholdssupports.ca.





Wellness Activities is a lifestyle intervention program providing nursing support and recreation/leisure activities to consumers supported by Thresholds Homes and Supports Inc. The goal is to increase general wellbeing by helping people become/stay physically active, socially engaged, and be a part of the community. Activities include: cooking, music therapy, gardening, walking and hiking groups, YMCA participation through memberships, and educational groups on topics such as smoking cessation. Participants experience enhanced overall quality of life through increased physical health and socialization and maintenance of mental health with a focus on recovery.







Referral Process – For further information or to apply, please contact Thresholds at info@thresholdssupports.ca or 

                                 Here 24/7 at 1-844-437-3247.






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