Partners in Active Living

Thresholds’ Partners in Active Living offer a variety of recreational activities with the support of a Recreation Therapist and a Life Skills Worker. Activities may be offered individually or in a group format and may include cooking, music therapy, gardening, walking and hiking groups, YMCA participation through memberships, and educational groups on topics such as smoking cessation.

Facilitated by a Mental Health Support Coordinator and a Life Skills Worker, individuals who are supported by the organization meet monthly to socialize and plan special events and activities. Events include the annual summer picnic, the Christmas party (attended by consumers, family, friends, staff, and Board Members), a talent show, craft afternoons, bingo, bus trips, and game days.

The goal of wellness activities is to assist participants in experiencing an enhanced overall quality of life through increased physical health and socialization and maintenance of mental health with a focus on recovery.

Program Participation

Participation in wellness and recreational activities is open only to people who receive housing and/or support services from Thresholds Homes and Supports.