Our Vision, Mission, Values





Thresholds Homes and Supports Inc. will be a proven leader in an integrated mental health services community by:

  • becoming a more culturally-diverse, holistic-focused organization
  • responding more effectively to the increasing complexity of people’s needs and aspirations
  • creating more housing and services sites offering increased choices.




Thresholds Homes and Supports Inc., is a recovery-oriented, community-integrated agency that focuses on improved quality of life and enhanced independence for people experiencing mental health issues by providing access to affordable housing and flexible, individualized supports.




  • Person-focused:        We believe that services and supports be planned with the person and based on what is                                                 important to them.
  • Hope:                           We believe in the potential for growth and change in every person.
  • Recovery:                   We believe in the potential of everyone to live a meaningful and fulfilling life where one’s own                                           personal goals, hopes and dreams are pursused.
  • Self-determination:    We believe in a person’s right to make their own decisions about their life.
  • Quality of Life:            We believe in improving the physical and psychological well-being of people.
  • Integrity:                      We believe in the ethical practice of fairness and justice for all.
  • Collaboration:             We believe in working together to facilitate the best possible supports for the people we serve.

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