Community Homes for Opportunity (CHO)

Community Homes for Opportunity (CHO) is a supportive housing program for people living with severe and persistent mental health diagnoses who may require 24-hour supportive care. Through our team of on-site case managers, in collaboration with support staff provided by the owner-operators of the CHO homes (Daring Residence and Noble Residence), provide direct support coordination, case management services, recreation and individualized support planning to CHO clients. Additionally, the staff provide support around medication administration, assistance with hygiene routines and provide meals. Thresholds manages the tenant placement process in cooperation with the owner-operators through the Here 24/7 referral process.


The overarching goals of the program are to provide housing stability and to support clients in achieving the quality of life they desire based on their goals. For example, CHO coordinators support clients to learn new activities of daily living, develop effective coping strategies or learn how to navigate public transit successfully.  Additionally, to collaborate with the owner-operator of each home to ensure that best practise standards are met according to Community Homes for Opportunity Program standards.


Eligibility Criteria

  • 18 years or older

  • Diagnosed or diagnosable severe and persistent mental health issue

  • Voluntary agreement to enter the CHO program

  • Compliant with prescribed medication and follow-up

  • Not requiring complex care normally associated with Long-Term Care facilities

  • No history of behaviour that poses a serious fire hazard

  • Priority will be given to clients currently:

    • in hospital or

    • homeless or

    • at-risk for homelessness AND

    • who are unable to fully care for themselves independently due to their illness


Referral Process

Referrals for this program follow a centralized intake process - to make a referrals to this program you can call 1-844-HERE247 (1-844-437-3247)


You can also access the referral package at this link.