Contributions from our Community

Thresholds is an agency dedicated to client empowerment.



Our responsibility, in addition to care, is to highlight the amazing individuals with whom we collaborate.  Client voices are emboldened through our Resident Council, a group of dedicated members in our community who engage with and advocate for our client population. 


Resident Council

Resident Council is composed of individuals within our community that volunteer to provide guidance and insight in terms of the effectiveness of programming and support. The Council acts as a key voice for our client population and partakes directly in the planning of activities as well as the strategic direction of the organization.





Two women collaborating


Client Photo Contest 2023

“Community Connections”


First Place



I took the photo just a couple of minutes after the sun dipped past the horizon line.  The vantage overlooked the convergence of the Speed River into the Grand River in Preston.  I felt peace and joy at the edge of the vista of life sustaining land and water.


-Barry D’Costa-



Second Place




When I think of “Community Connections”, I think of people joining together to support one another.

I see this joining together symbolized in this little clay sculpture, as they join together around the center candle. The candle is the light we all have in us to share with each other.

This represents my connections with family, friends and support workers.