Extraordinary Needs Program (ENP)

Supportive Housing Extraordinary Needs Program

The Supportive Housing Extraordinary Needs Program (ENP) includes 24/7 staffed homes in Kitchener and Guelph. Each home provides a supportive environment, with individual bedrooms and a shared common space, designed to meet the needs of tenants with complex needs.

Both phases of the Extraordinary Needs Program (ENP) are supported by a Community Intake Committee that meets regularly to review referrals to the program and makes recommendations regarding eligibility and service plans. The collaborative expertise of more than ten (10) community agencies and hospitals guide the referral process.

Individualized Support Extraordinary Needs Program

The Individualized Support Extraordinary Needs Program (ENP) facilitates the transition of individuals with complex mental health and other needs from hospital to an appropriate living arrangement in the community, with individualized supports reducing over time as the person stabilizes.

To access this service, individuals must be designated as Alternate Level of Care (ALC) in the hospital and be assessed to demonstrate that they cannot be safely discharged without the provision of additional community supports. Funding is flexible to meet the unique needs of each individual, according to their coordinated recovery plan.

Referral Process

Referrals to the Extraordinary Needs Program are completed by hospitals or community agencies. A referral package is available by contacting the referral organization or contacting Thresholds.