Subsidized Housing

Thresholds Homes and Supports currently provides subsidized housing in Waterloo Region and Guelph-Wellington, through agency-owned properties and partnerships with private and non-profit sector landlords.

Housing options include congregate living with private bedrooms with up to seven (7) other individuals, smaller shared living homes, and independent subsidized apartments. All individuals housed with Thresholds receive a range of ongoing support services, ranging from 24-hour support to monthly contact as required.

Community Partnerships for Housing

In keeping with our vision of “responding more effectively to the increasing complexity of people’s needs and aspirations”, Thresholds has joined with community partners to provide more housing and services to meet the increasing need for specialized services in the community.

Our partnerships include the Sunnyside Supportive Housing Initiative, Supportive Housing Initiative for People with Substance Use Issues, Supportive Housing of Waterloo, and the Whatever It Takes Initiative. Learn more about some of these initiatives below:

Sunnyside Supportive Housing Initiative

The Sunnyside Supportive Housing Initiative is a partnership with the Region of Waterloo to provide supportive housing to seniors, including those with mental health issues.

Thresholds has been allocated 13 one-bedroom units. Our approach to this partnership is based on a shared-care model. The Region of Waterloo staff provide day-to-day group and personal care services, while Thresholds provides mental health and additional life skill supports.

Concurrent Supportive Housing (CSH)

Providing stable housing for people with problematic substance use is central to attaining treatment goals, and housing must be part of every comprehensive treatment program.

Thresholds has partnered with House of Friendship to provide support to individuals experiencing concurrent disorders. Safe subsidized housing is available through our partnerships with private, not-for-profit landlords and the Region of Waterloo.

Supportive Housing of Waterloo (SHOW)

SHOW is a non-profit charitable organization whose mandate is to design, build, and operate permanent, affordable, supportive housing in the City of Waterloo for people who are experiencing homelessness.

Thresholds Homes and Supports has dedicated eleven (11) units through SHOW, eight (8) for individuals with mental health issues and three (3) for people with substance use issues.

Referral Process

To apply for housing, please contact Here 24/7 at 1-844-437-3247.

For more information about housing options, please contact Thresholds.